Dr Hari Krishna P

Contact Details

Dr Harikrishna P
Senior Principal Scientist
Taramani, Chennai – 600 113
E-mail: hari(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Phone:91 44 22544826
Academic Background
  • Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), IIT Madras, 2010
  • M.E. (Structural Engineering), Anna University, 1991
  • B.E. (Civil Engineering), Andhra University, 1989
Professional Background
  • Current designation Senior Principal Scientist
  • Joined as Scientist Gr.IV(1) in May 1992 at CSIR-SERC, Chennai
  • Project Associate from May 1991 to May 1992 at IC&SR, IIT, Madras
  • Under UNDP Fellowship Worked in the area of Wind Engineering for about 5 months during Aug-Dec 1994 at:
    • Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA
    • CSIRO, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
    • CSIRO, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

    Involved in the following types of Consultancy and Sponsored Research Projects:

    • Wind Energy Sector
      • Analysis, design and field testing of towers (lattice and cylindrical) supporting wind turbines of various types and capacities
    • Real-estate Sector
      • Wind tunnel testing of models of tall buildings
      • Proof-checking the design of tall buildings
    • Power Sector
      • Evaluation of design basis cyclonic wind speed for IGCAR, Kalpakkam site based on site specific historical wind speed data using extreme value distribution
      • Investigation of wind characteristics by meteorological measurements in IGCAR, Kalpakkam
      • Wind tunnel testing of models of chimneys, cooling towers and industrial coal sheds to evaluate wind induced loads
      • Proof checking the design of tall steel and RC chimneys
    • Tele-Communication Sector
      • Design of free-standing and guyed steel lattice towers

    Involved in the following Academic Activities:

    • Professor under AcSIR at CSIR-SERC, Chennai – M.Tech Programme on ‘Engineering of Structures’ and ‘Renewable Energy’
    • AcSIR Coordinator at CSIR-SERC, Chennai
    • Guided several M.Tech/B.Tech students’ thesis works.
      • Currently guiding 5 Ph.D scholars

    Life member of the following societies:

    “Indian Society of Wind Engineering”

    “Indian Meteorological Society”

    Member of the following BIS committees:

    Panel for Wind Loads, CED 37 BIS, IS: 875 (Part 3) – Alternate Member

    Panel for Loads other than Wind Loads, CED 37/P:3, BIS – Alternate Member

    Special Structures, CED 38:5 (Sub), BIS –Alternate Member

    Special Structures, CED 38:3 (Sub), BIS – associated in the revision of IS: 4998

    Served as a member of various Technical Committees of the following Organisations:

    • Satish Dhawan Space Centre – SHAR, Sriharikota
    • Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad
    • National Institute for Wind Energy, Chennai
Areas of Scientific Interest
  • Wind Engineering
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Wind Energy
  • Random Data Processing
  • Data Mining
Awards & Honours
  • Received University Gold Medal from Andhra University in 1989.
  • As a team member received ‘A.S ARYA-UOR Disaster Prevention Award’ from University of Roorkee in 2000.
  • Member of the team which received ‘CSIR SHIELD FOR ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY’ from CSIR in 2000.
  • Guide to Ms. M. Keerthana, who received ‘Best Thesis (M.Tech) Award‘ from Indian Society of Wind Engineering in 2013.
  • Guide to Ms. Shilpa who received ‘Best Thesis (M.Tech) Award‘ from Indian Society of Wind Engineering in 2015.

As a co-author of technical papers received the following awards:

  • Certificate of Special Mention under M. Ramaiah Award from CSIR-SERC in 1999.
  • Jai Krishna Medal from Institution of Engineers (India) Ltd. In 2001.
  • Best Experimental Study under Dr. M. Ramaiah Award from CSIR-SERC in 2003.
  • 2nd Best Paper Award from Indian Society of Wind Engineering in 2004.
  • M. Ramaiah Award from CSIR-SERC in 2004.
  • Certificate of Merit under Dr. M. Ramaiah Award from CSIR-SERC in 2006.
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  • Copyright for ‘CSIR-SERC Equation‘ for computing normalized across-wind tip deflection (wind-induced response) of a reinforced concrete circular chimney due to vortex shedding. CSIR obtained a copyright for the said Equation, December 2010. Authors: S. Arunachalam, N. Lakshmanan, G. Ramesh Babu, S. Selvi Rajan and P. Harikrishna
  • Know-how/Technology on ‘Analysis, Designing and Structural Detailing of G+3 and G+1 Reinforced Concrete Building using EPS‘, transfered to M/s CTSPL, Hyderabad in 2015. Authors: Jolly Annie Peter, Selvi Rajan, S., Bharat Kumar, B.H., Harikrishna, P. and Vasudevan, K.