Dr Umesha P.K

Contact Details

Dr Umesha P.K
Chief Scientist & Head, TTRS
CSIR-SERC,  Tower Testing & Research Station

Chenna – 600 043

E-mail: pku(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Phone:91 44 2264 1734/ 09600025842(Mobile)

Academic Background
  • Ph.D (Civil Engineering), University of Mysore, Mysore, India, Thesis Title: “Parallel Computing Techniques for Structural Optimization.”
  • M.Tech. (Structural Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
  • B.E. (Civil Engineering), Malnad College of Engineering, University of Mysore, India, Second Rank for the University.
Professional Background

Professional Background

  • Currently Chief Scientist and Head, Tower Testing & Research Station, CSIR-SERC
  • Joined as Scientist in April 1984 at CSIR-SERC, Chennai
  • Worked as Project Assistant from May 1982 to March 1984 at IITM, Chennai under BIS Project on Typification of Industrial Structures
  • Under DAAD fellowship program worked in the area parallel computing techniques for analysis and design of structures at Ruhr University, Bochum, West Germany
  • Involved in the following consultancy and Sponsored projects
    • Analysis and design of free standing tower and guyed steel masts telecom sector
    • Analysis, design and full scale testing of transmission line towers for power sector
    • Structural habilitation, retrofitting and strengthening techniques for existing towers in telecom and power sectors

Professional Society memberships

  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers
  • Fellow of Indian Concrete Institute
  • Life member Indian Association for Computational Mechanics
  • Life member of Computer Society of India
  • Life member of Advanced Computing Society
Areas of Scientific Interest
  • Analytical and experimental studies of Communication and Transmission line towers
  • Failure analysis of towers
  • Analytical and experimental Studies on the strength behaviour of built-up components structures under simulated corrosion and elevated temperature
  • High performance computing
  • Computational Structural Mechanics.
Awards & Honours
  1. Fellow of Institution of Engineers (FIE)
  2. Fellow of Indian Concrete Institute (FICI)
  3. Awarded the Jai Krishna prize by Institution of Engineers for best research paper (2016)
  4. Awarded the CORROSION AWARENESS AWARD-2014 for Excellent Laboratory Award in recognition of meritorious contribution to the field of Corrosion Science and Technology by NACE International Gateway India Section
  5. Awarded “Excellence in High Performance Cluster Computing” by Sun Microsystems, 2004.
  6. Awarded the Certificate for Appreciation for the 1999 CSIR Technology Prize for engineering technology for the scientific contributions in the development of advanced computational methodologies, modeling techniques and software for analysis and design of complex structures.
  7. Awarded DFG fellowship for CSIR-KFA Bilateral programme for Carrying out Advanced R & D in Parallel Computing Techniques, DFG, West Germany, June 1997 – August 1997.
  8. Awarded DAAD Fellowship for Carrying out Advanced R & D in Parallel Computing Techniques for the year 1990-92, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), West Germany.
  9. Received the of India Scholarship for M.Tech. Studies at IIT, Madras. (1980-1982).
  10. Received the Karnataka Govt. Plan Scholarship for B.E. Studies at Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, University of Mysore. (1975-1980).
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Indian Patent (Under review process)

  • Application No. : 0200/DEL/2007 dated 31.01.2007
  • A novel transportable device for lifting and flaying animals 
  • Shri D Lakshmanan (CLRI), Dr. P.K. Umesha (SERC),Dr. P.K. Sehgal (CLRI),Dr. T. Ramasami (CLRI),Dr. N. Lakshmanan (SERC)

Indian Patent (Under review process)

  • Application No. : 0269/DEL/2011 dated 04.02.2011
  • An improved transportable device for flaying of dead animals
  • Shri D Lakshmanan (CLRI),Shri R Veerapandian (Uma Industries),  Dr. A Amudeswari (CLRI), Dr. P.K. Sehgal (CLRI), Dr. A.B. Mandal (CLRI), Dr. P.K. Umesha (SERC),  Dr. Nagesh Ranganatha Iyer (SERC)