Dr Balasubramanian S.R

Contact Details

Dr Balasubramanian S.R
Taramani, Chennai – 600 113
E-mail: srbala(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Phone:91 44 22549226
Academic Background
  • Ph.D , IIT Madras, Chennai
  • M.E. Structural Engineering – AC College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi
  • B.E. Civil Engineering – PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering – Nachimuthu Polytechnic, Pollachi
Professional Background
  • Scientist, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai, since December 2009.
  • Jr. Scientist, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai, February 2006 – December 2009.
Areas of Scientific Interest
  • Structural behaviour of Un-Reinforced Brick Masonry (URBM) buildings subjected to seismic loads
  • Seismic vulnerability analysis of URBM Buildings
  • Damage gradation for URBM Buildings due to seismic actions
  • Application of Macro-modelling and Homogenization techniques to brick masonry
  • Evolvement of procedures for carrying out tests on brick masonry specimens
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K. N. Lakshmikandhan, P. Sivakumar, Jolly Annie Peter, K. Sivasubramanian, C. Jeyabal, S.R. Blasubramanian  –  SANDWICH WALL PANEL WITH SKIN-CONNECTOR – Indian Patent filed on 22.05.2015 (Patent Application No. 1444/DEL/2015).