Theoretical & Computational Mechanics Laboratory (TCML)

About Us

Theoretical Mechanics may be defined as the science that describes behaviour of the physical systems under the action of the forces. On the other hand, Computational mechanics is a rapidly growing discipline that uses computational methods to study phenomena governed by principles of mechanics.

The TCML at CSIR-SERC brings together the scientists working on Theoretical and Computational Mechanics, complimented by experimental investigations, to provide reliable solutions to complex problems of high technological relevance.  Scientists are involved in characterization, prediction and simulation of physical phenomenon and engineering systems by using  theoretical and computational mechanics.

Fields of research at TCML include but not limited to:

  • Shock response of structures through analytical, computational and field investigations
  • Computational modelling of concrete behaviour
  • Advanced fatigue and fracture analysis of structures / structural components
  • Application of stochastic models for engineering decision making
  • Textile reinforced concrete technology and products
  • Development of Laced Steel-Concrete Composite (LSCC) System
  • Risk consistent design of structures / structural components
  • Durability based service life design of RC structural elements

Head, Theoretical & Computational Mechanics Laboratory

Senior Principal Scientist & Head

Dr Anandavalli N

  • Tel: 22549197
  • Email: anandi(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in