Bridge Engineering

CSIR-SERC has expertise in diverse analytical and experimental research in the area of RC structures and bridge engineering. and is equipped with state-of-the-art computing and experimental facilities. It has vast expertise for carrying out nonlinear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete structures and has developed numerical algorithms for analysis, design, optimization and condition assessment of existing RC structures.

The research on bridge engineering is focused on development of analytical and experimental methodologies for structural health assessment, performance evaluation and management of existing bridges. CSIR-SERC also has an international dimension through a collaborative research project with focus on development of seismic and fatigue resistant design criteria for concrete structures. It provides cutting-edge technical solutions to a wide range of practical structural engineering applications and problems through innovative design and proof checking assignments as well as efficient full-scale testing of bridge structures. Presently, the research is being carried out on developing smart sensor based health monitoring system for bridges based on PZT based sensing networks.

The following are some of the major activities being carried out

  • Analysis and design of steel, reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges
  • Computer aided analysis and optimal design of continuous prestressed concrete bridge girders
  • Construction phase analysis of incrementally launched bridges
  • Expert system for condition assessment of bridges
  • Rating and Priority Ranking of bridge structures
  • Efficient inverse algorithms for identification of damage in structures using modal characteristics and artificial intelligence techniques
  • Forced and ambient vibration testing and experimental modal analysis of bridge structures
  • In-situ stress evaluation, monitoring, and upgradation of masonry arch bridges
  • Fatigue life assessment of bridge structures
  • Repair, retrofitting and strengthening of bridge structures

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Bridge Engineering
Bridge Engineering
Bridge Engineering