Risk & Reliability

Risk management is concerned with controlling risk by ensuring a certain level of safety. One of the well accepted ways in which the safety of a structure can be expressed, is through failure probability or reliability of the structural component/system. The concept of risk is involved and is well understood by the engineering community. However, the application of risk analysis and risk management in practice requires systematic information about loading, geometry, material strengths, deterioration process and consequences of failure, and the expected variations in them. Recently, efforts are being made to evolve international standards for risk analysis and risk management.

CSIR-SERC has been working in the area of risk and reliability of structures for about three decades, and have successfully completed number of in-house R&D projects and sponsored projects for BRNS, BMTPC and NDMA. The studies at CSIR-SERC are towards developing methodologies which will help in taking scientific and more rational decisions in the design of structures and also in selecting repair/retrofit schemes. These methodologies will be useful on one hand in making decisions regarding allocation of resources when suitable information is available, and on the other hand in generating information required for the application of the methodology by conducting suitable laboratory/field investigations.


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