Steel Structures

State-of-the-art research related to analysis, design and testing of steel structural components and structures is pursued by the scientists at Steel Structures Research Facility (SSRF). The following are the major actively pursued research areas:

  • Behaviour of Steel-Foam Concrete Light-Weight Load-Bearing Composite Panels
  • Investigation on the Behaviour of Hot-rolled Replaceable Beam-Column Connections
  • Experimental and Analytical Investigations on CFS Beam-Column Connections
  • Behavior of Steel Beam–Column Connections under Elevated Temperature and Corrosion
  • Fatigue and fracture behavior bolted connection configurations

The scientists of SSRF are also actively involved in number of sponsored research, consultancy and technical services projects involving analysis and design checking, experimental investigations, condition assessment by using nondestructive testing and evaluation to various Government, Public Sector and Private Sector organizations.


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Steel Structures
Steel Structures
Steel Structures