Structural Health Monitoring

With the state of the art facilities, the laboratory has carried out active research on development of new methodologies for structural health monitoring of civil engineering structures using wireless sensor networks, monitoring of repaired concrete structures using fiber bragg grating sensors, residual stress evaluation in mechanical components, existing stress / prestress evaluation in prestressed concrete structures, performance evaluation of bridge structures and prototype structural testing and evaluation. Active research has been carried out in the areas of web based structural health monitoring methodologies and fiber optic sensor based monitoring of repaired concrete structures.

Major laboratory investigations are centered around the following

  • Fiber optic sensors for health monitoring of civil engineering structures
  • Remote health monitoring of structures using advanced communication technology
  • Condition monitoring of structures using vibrating wire sensors, tilt and inclinometer systems
  • Prototype testing and evaluation of structures
  • Assessment of existing stress in concrete and prestressed concrete structures
  • In-situ stress evaluation of masonry and historic structures
  • Residual stress measurement on metallic structures

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Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Health Monitoring