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Distressed Concrete Structures repairs and rehabilitation

A comprehensive methodology has been developed for investigation of distressed concrete structures in order to formulate recommendations for appropriate and economical repair and rehabilitation. This is a unique capability of this laboratory which has been applied in a large number of cases of distressed structures that have been referred to this Centre. Different types of buildings and other structures investigated include, framed buildings of institutional and industrial type, power plant structures, such as, Turbo Generator Pedestals, Mill Block Foundations, Coal Crusher Foundations, Chimneys and Cooling Towers, Harbour Structures, Bridges, Water and Liquid retaining structures, and Monumental and historical buildings. The Centre has advised on rehabilitation or repair of more than 65 buildings and other structures located all over India. The in-situ testing expertise has also been applied to evaluate the quality of newly built structures as part of overall quality assurance measures for the construction industry.

Corrosion-affected Concrete Structures

While there could be several causes that may be contributing to distress and deterioration of concrete structures, affecting their durability, corrosion of reinforcement has been recognised as one of the major and menacing problems. Based on field investigation covering physical, chemical, and electrochemical properties of concrete, as well as on extensive data created through inhouse R&D, this Laboratory has established a comprehensive methodology for condition assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of service life of corrosion-affected concrete structures.

Non-DestruCtive Testing & Evaluation

Non-destructive testing of concrete structures is one of the essential tasks for estimating or assessing quality. As of now, the rebound hammer and the ultrasonic pulse velocity tests are being used for assessing the quality and integrity of concrete. Advanced non-destructive test methods such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Impact Echo and Ultrasonic Pulse Echo are being implemented at CSIR-SERC as for applying to reinforced/pre-stressed concrete structures. In order to validate these methods and to study their capabilities in detecting various parameters, a unique large-scale reinforced concrete specimen was cast at CSIR-SERC


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கட்டமைப்பு கற்காரை பொறியியல்
கட்டமைப்பு கற்காரை பொறியியல்
கட்டமைப்பு கற்காரை பொறியியல்