CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative

CSIR-SERC organizes number of training programmes / courses, webinar series under CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative programme towards fulfilling the emphasis made by CSIR for skilling / re-skilling of the potential human resource. The courses are organized as online / offline short duration programmes, generally of 2-3 days, covering a wide range of topics in structural engineering like structural health monitoring, fatigue & fracture, wind engineering, earthquake resistant design, concrete technology, etc.

The Skill and Human Resource Development Division (SHRDD) of CSIR-SERC coordinates the activities of CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative.

Click here to know the list of courses and webinars conducted during the period from April 2021 to March 2022.

The course calendar for the year 2022-23 can be downloaded from the link https://serc.res.in/course