Wind Engineering Laboratory (WEL)

Wind Engineering Laboratory has a state of the art boundary layer wind tunnel facility (BLWT), which is one of the largest boundary layer wind tunnels in our country. The people of the laboratory have developed expertise over the years in the field of bluff body aerodynamics by conducting systematic wind tunnel investigations on scaled models of various structures. Also, expertise in conducting field experiments on tower like structures to characterize normal/extreme wind and wind induced structural response is established by instrumenting many full-scale lattice towers in various locations. Wind engineering laboratory pursues its R&D studies by considering CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and BLWT testing as complimentary tools of wind engineering, which is in-line with the current trend all over the world. Cyclone disaster mitigation is one of the major thrust areas of research of the laboratory.

Further, this laboratory has contributed towards revision of Indian code of practices viz. IS: 875 (part3), IS: 4998, IS: 15498 and IS: 15499. The laboratory has been continuously providing high-end technical service to the industry through consultancy/sponsored/grant-in-aid research projects.

Wind Engineering Laboratory ( WEL )

Head, Wind Engineering Laboratory

Dr Pabbisetty Harikrishna

Dr Pabbisetty Harikrishna

Chief Scientist & Head

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  • Email: hari(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in