Advanced Protective Structures and Mechanics Laboratory (APSML)

About Us

The Advanced Protective Structures and Mechanics Laboratory (APSML) is a unique laboratory within CSIR-SERC, Chennai. Research in APSML prominently aims to develop innovative and efficient structural design for providing protection against extreme loads and high strain rate events (i.e. blast, impact, collisions and pounding) due to natural or man-made hazards. APSML covers a wide spectrum of research and development on shock absorbing composite materials and structures including buildings, crash barriers, bridge structures, above-ground/underground/underwater explosion resistant shelter structures of national importance and so on. Responses and failure mechanisms of various structures and materials under high strain rate events are predicted and studied computationally using advanced techniques involving finite element methods (FEM), meshless methods like peridynamics (PD) and smoothed particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), multiscale modelling, Fluid structure interaction (FSI), computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Besides this, low and high-velocity impact experiments are also performed to evaluate the performances of protective structures against impact loadings.


Major Research Fields:

Some of the important research and development areas of APSML include:

  • Structural mechanics and design based on latest philosophies
  • High velocity impact mechanics complimented with computational and experimental facilities
  • Analysis and design of structures for natural, man-made and accidental industrial explosions/hazards etc.
  • Impulsive loadings caused due to sloshing, pounding and shock etc.
  • Development of innovative structural forms for enhanced shock resistance.
  • Numerical simulation and prediction of shock response of structures
  • Computational modelling of protective structures made of advanced cementitious composite materials
  • Application of peridynamics (PD) and smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) for simulating shock and impact response
  • Research and development of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) and associated products

Head, Advanced Protective Structures and Mechanics Laboratory

Dr Amar Prakash

Dr Amar Prakash

Senior Principal Scientist & Head

  • Tel: 22549179
  • Email: amar(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in