Steel Structures Laboratory (SSL)

50 kN Fatigue-Rated Actuator

Steel Structures Laboratory
  • Capacity 50 kN; Stroke ±125 mm ;
  • Working pressure 210 bar
  • Load or displacement control
  • Useful for static and fatigue testing of structural components

Uniaxial Shake Table

Steel Structures Laboratory
  • Size 2.5 x 2.5 m; Capacity – 100 kN; Stroke length ±75 mm
  • Sweep sine, sine, triangular, square wave forms
  • Used to study dynamic characteristics of scaled down models of  structures

Foam concrete Production Machine

  • Capacity 3 cubic meters per hour
  • Volume of mixer 500 litres
  • Density 350-1200 kg\cubic meter
  • Useful for production of foam concrete blocks
Steel Structures Laboratory
Steel Structures Laboratory

Computing Facility

Steel Structures Laboratory

Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation (NDT&E) Equipment’s/Tools

  • Coating thickness gauge: To measure the applied paint or protective coating thickness on the ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces
  • Hardness tester: To evaluate the hardness of the metals in terms of various units so as to assess the material soundness and yield strength of the metal. The hardness tester can work on 0o, ±45o and +90o angle surfaces
  • Thickness gauge: To measure the thickness (range 2 mm to 200 mm) of the metallic components. Generally used to find the residual thickness of components, which are affected by corrosion
  • Dye penetrant test: To identify the surface cracks developed on the weld or parent metal
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector: To detect and evaluate the cracks, flaws and any delamination developed on the metallic components and structural elements
  • Magnetic Particle testing: To detect surface and shallow depth cracks in the metal components
  • 3D Disto: Laser based 3-D coordinates, distance and profile measuring instrument
Steel Structures Laboratory
Steel Structures Laboratory