CSIR-SERC welcomes CSR funds from Industries for R&D in Construction Sector

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC) welcomes the Corporate world to invest their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds towards research and development projects in their professional areas. The Government of India has allowed corporate India to use their mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spending for investments in publicly-funded incubators and contribute to research efforts in science, technology, medicine and engineering at major institutions and bodies. This 2% CSR fund of average net profit of companies over the last three years can be spent on incubators funded by Central or State Government or any agency or Public Sector Undertaking of Central or State Government, and, making contributions to public funded Universities, IITs, National Laboratories and Autonomous Bodies (established under the auspices of ICAR, ICMR, CSIR, DAE, DRDO, DST, MEITY) engaged in conducting research in science, technology, engineering and medicine aimed at promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the latest provision from the Government of India (Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) Notification G.S.R 776 (E) dated 11-10-2019) to invest CSR fund of any company for R&D towards achieving SDGs, CSIR-SERC would like to invite CSR funds related to various SDGs for the following:

  • Creation of infrastructure and specialized facilities within the campus for
    1. Conducting R&D in science and technology relevant to construction industries in general and structural Engineering in particular
    2. Conducting skill development programs
    3. Research programs for Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) students
    4. Training of Trainers under Skill Development programs
  • Dissemination of science to school students through JIGYASA programmes
  • Support for technology-driven projects for the benefit of the industry
  • Support for projects in futuristic technology areas for the benefit of the S & T development of the industry
  • Research fellowships for the specified project objectives
  • Support for the creation of infrastructure
  • Support for the creation of a specialized facility of wider utility
  • Support for a Centre of Excellence in structural engineering
  • Chair Professorships endowed to AcSIR particularly for CSIR-SERC

Policy and Guidelines of CSIR for accepting and utilization of Contributions / Grants / Donations from Corporates/ Industries under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



To be a global leader in Structural Engineering by excelling in research in frontier and cutting edge areas, and by developing competitive technologies by embracing innovative inter- and trans- disciplinary approaches for the benefit of society and industry. CSIR-SERC is

  • To pursue and excel in research in frontier / cutting edge areas of structural engineering and to create niche areas
  • To emerge as the most preferred resource Centre for industry for solving new challenges in structures of different sizes, shapes, geometry and purpose of use
  • To develop and transfer sustainable technologies addressing societal needs
  • To be a preferred knowledge Centre for providing structural engineering solutions for pre- and post- disaster needs

In general, CSIR-SERC would be focusing on:

  • Knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Technology development and transfer
  • Development of innovative processes and products
  • High-end knowledge based service to industry
  • Services to society and strategic sector

In line with CSIR's policy, the charter of CSIR-SERC envisages the Centre to act as a clearing house for latest knowledge and expertise, undertake application oriented research, provide design consultancy for complicated / novel structures which could not normally be done in regular consultancy offices and undertake sponsored research, and organize advanced courses for the benefit of practicing engineers in the broad area of structural engineering. In addition to these advanced training courses, there is a need to provide training in the form of skill development programmes with a focus to provide quality human resource of relevance to the current day industrial and job market needs.


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