Dr Venkata Rama Rao G

Dr Venkata Rama Rao G

Senior Scientist

  • CSIR-SERC, Taramani, Chennai – 600 113
  • ramarao(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
  • +91-44-22549227

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), Anna University, Chennai, December 2015.
  • M.E. (Structural Engineering), Anna University, Chennai, January 2002.
  • B.Tech. (Civil Engineering), Nagarjuna University, A.P., April 1999.

Professional Background

  • Senior Scientist, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai, since Aug. 2015
  • Scientist, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai, Sep. 2010 – Aug 2015
  • Jr. Scientist,CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai, Aug. 2007 – Sep. 2010
  • Lecturer, B.S.A. Crescent Engineering College, Chennai,June 2003 – Aug. 2007
  • Junior Research Fellow, Experimental Mechanics Laboratory, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai,Feb. 2002 – June 2003

Areas of Scientific Interest

  • Pushover analysis and performance based seismic design
  • Seismic performance evaluation of shear walls
  • Seismic performance evaluation of open ground storey buildings
  • Seismic safety of hospital buildings

Awards & Honours

  • Awarded ICI (Chennai Centre) – Ultra Tech Award – 2017 for Outstanding Thesis in the field of Concrete (Category – Doctoral) for the thesis titled ‘Seismic Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls’
  • Secured 93.45 percentile in GATE 2000 (All India Rank is 361)
  • Best paper award from CSIR-SERC in 2009


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Patents / Copyrights

  • Sreekala, R., Muthumani, K., Gopalakrishnan, N., Sathish Kumar, K., Nagesh R. Iyer and Rama Rao, G. V. ‘Smart energy harvesters for self sustaining structural health monitoring system’, Indian Patent filed on Dt. 10 Feb. 2015, 0359DEL2015