Stores & Purchase

Functions & Operations

  • Purchase Section processes indents received from Stores, Scientists and facilitates  procurement of materials for Research & Development, Maintenance and other associated activities.
  • Stores section caters to the requirements of Scientists and other service sections by receiving, stocking regularly required items and issuing materials and their inventory accounting.
  • This sections also undertakes disposal.


Mr Rajaji C

Mr Rajaji C Assistant Section Officer (S&P)

Ms Beulah Daisy Williams

Ms Beulah Daisy Williams Private Secretary

Ms Rani P

Ms Rani P Lab. Assistant

Mr Kannappan S

Mr Kannappan S Assistant Section Officer (S&P)

Mr Srinivasan T

Mr Srinivasan T Assistant Section Officer (S&P)

Mr Swaminathan M A

Mr Swaminathan M A Sr. Technician

Mr Mohamed Jindha Saffi M

Mr Mohamed Jindha Saffi M Assistant Section Officer (S&P)

Mr Palanisamy M

Mr Palanisamy M Assistant Section Officer (S&P)

Mr Ramanathan R

Mr Ramanathan R Assistant Section Officer (S&P)