डॉ आर. मणिसेकर

डॉ आर. मणिसेकर

प्रधान वैज्ञानिक

  • CSIR-SERC, Taramani, Chennai – 600 113.
  • mani(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
  • +91-44-22549173

Academic Background

  • PhD in Structural Engineering
  • M.E Structural Engineering
  • B.E Civil and Structural Engineering

Professional Background

  • Senior Scientist, CSIR- Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai

Areas of Scientific Interest

  • Retrofitting of existing concrete structures by External Post-tensioning
  • Static and Fatigue behaviour of Post-tensioned concrete members with unbonded tendons
  • Static and Fatigue behaviour of RC members
  • Shear behaviour of RC members

Awards & Honours


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