डॉ  ए. सिनिता

डॉ ए. सिनिता

प्रधान वैज्ञानिक

  • CSIR-SERC , Taramani, Chennai – 600 113.
  • cinitha(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
  • +91-44-22549141

Academic Background

  • Ph.D., Structural Engineering, Anna University, Chennai,
  • M.Tech., Structural Engineering & Construction Management (Honours), Kerala University
  • B.Tech., Civil Engineering, Calicut University

Professional Background

  • Principal Scientist, Steel Structures Research Facility, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, 1st January 2021 to till date
  • Sr. Scientist, Steel Structures Research Facility, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2020
  • Scientist, Computational Structural Mechanics Group, Steel Structures Research Facility, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, 1st January 2010-31st December 2014
  • Jr. Scientist, Vibration Control Group, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre , 8th August 2007 to 31st December 2009
  • Teaching and Research Associate, Anna University, July 2001 to October 2015
  • Lecturer in Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, April 1999 to March 2001
  • Apprentice in Greater Cochin Development Authority, January 1998 to May 1998

Areas of Scientific Interest

  • Metal Structure behaviour
  • Dynamic characteristics of structures
  • Seismic Performance evaluation of steel and reinforced concrete structures
  • Steel structures subjected to corrosion and elevated temperature

Awards & Honours

  • Best Paper Award: For the paper titled “Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Dynamic Characteristics of Steel Space Frames” in Second National Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering, Dec 3-6,2006,Kochi,India
  • One of the team member adjudged with “NIGIS Corrosion Awareness Award” in the category of excellent laboratory award by NACE International Gateway India section for the year 2014.
  • Dr.Jai Krishna Prize for the Paper titled “ Cinitha.A, Umesha .P.K, Nagesh R.Iyer, Lakshmanan.N,(2015), Performance-based Seismic Evaluation of RC Framed Building, Journal of Institution of Engineers (India):Series A, December, Vol. 96 (4),pp 285-294.



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