डॉ के.एन. लक्ष्मीकांदन

डॉ के.एन. लक्ष्मीकांदन

वरिष्ठ वैज्ञानिक

  • kandhan(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
  • +91-44-22549175

Academic Background

  • Ph.D., Civil/Structural Engineering, 2010, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai (India), (Thesis title “ADVANCED STUDIES ON STEEL AND STEEL CONCRETE COMPOSITE SPACE STRUCTURES”
  • M.E, Structural Engineering, 2010, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai (India)
  • B.E, Civil Engineering, 1999, A. M. A. College of Engineering, Vadamavandal, University of Madras

Professional Background

  • Senior Scientist, CSIR-SERC, Chennai, 13 Sept. 2016 – Till Date
  • Scientist, CSIR-SERC, Chennai,13 Sept. 2010 - 12 Sept. 2016
  • Scientist Gr IV(1), CSIR-SERC, Chennai, 27 Nov. 2008 - 12 Sept. 2010
  • Design Lead, Unity India Limited, Chennai, 23 July 2008 - 26 Nov 2008
  • Design Engineer, The Structuralls, Chennai, 27 Dec. 2007 – 22 July 2008
  • Lecturer, St. Peters Eng. College, Avadi, 14 Aug. 2006 – 01 Nov 2007
  • Lecturer, Kumaraguru College of Engineering, Coimbatore,            03 Sept. 2003 – 05 Jan 2006
  • Full Time Research Scholar and Part Time Lecturer, CEG, Anna University, Chennai, July 2001 to Sep 2003

Areas of Scientific Interest

  • Steel, Concrete, Composite Structures
  • Repair and Rehabilitation
  • External pre-stressing – Bonded and un-bonded techniques
  • NDT, PDT, Durability and Service life enhancement of RCC Structures
  • Precast Lightweight Sandwich Wall, Roof Panels EPS infill
  • Precast Lightweight Sandwich Wall and Roof Panels Alternate infills
  • Quick Assembling and Anchoring of Building systems for immediate Occupancy
  • Ribbed Ferrocement panels, Lightweight and ultralight weight blocks
  • Development of multipurpose tension compensated percolation concrete slabs
  • Solid waste management and Reuse technologies

Awards & Honours

  • Platinum award for CSIR-800 project


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Patents / Copyrights

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