Dr Rajasankar J

Dr Rajasankar J Chief Scientist

  • 22549208
  • sankar(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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 Areas of Expertise

Computational Structural Mechanics for Analysis and Design, Modelling Simulation  Software Development.

Dr Palani G.S

Dr Palani G.S Chief Scientist & Head

  • 22545580
  • pal(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Sathish Kumar K

Dr Sathish Kumar K Chief Scientist & Head - BKMD Division

  • 22549145 / 9218
  • ksk(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Machine Foundations and Earthquake Engineering

Dr Bharatkumar Bhajantri H

Dr Bharatkumar Bhajantri H Chief Scientist & Advisor (Management)

  • 22549202
  • bharat(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Sustainable Materials and Composites & Retrofitting/ Rehabilitation of Structures.

Dr Srinivasan P

Dr Srinivasan P Chief Scientist & Head

  • 22549170
  • sriniv(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Madheswaran C.K

Dr Madheswaran C.K Chief Scientist

  • 22549224
  • ckm(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Earthquake engineering and vibration.

Dr Pabbisetty Harikrishna

Dr Pabbisetty Harikrishna Chief Scientist & Head

  • 22544826
  • hari(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

In the area of Wind Engineering: Full-scale field experiments on wind characteristics and wind induced response of free-standing, guyed, wind turbine support towers; Wind tunnel model investigations on models of buildings and structures; Application of CFD in Wind Engineering; Aerodynamic design and performance evaluation of small wind turbines.

Mr Murthy S.G.N

Mr Murthy S.G.N Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22544815
  • sgnmurthy(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise : Electronic Instrumentation , NDT , Structural Health Monitoring

Dr Prabhakar J

Dr Prabhakar J Chief Scientist

  • 22549169
  • prabhakar(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Parivallal S

Dr Parivallal S Chief Scientist & Head

  • 22549189
  • paris(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise 

Structural Health Monitoring, Experimental and computational Mechanics, Condition assessment of structures, Existing stress / residual stress evaluation, Prototype Testing & Evaluation.

Dr Raghunathan M.D

Dr Raghunathan M.D Principal Scientist

  • 22545574
  • mdraghu(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Prototype/Proof testing of Transmission Line /Microwave Towers and their accessories, Failure Investigations of Transmission Line/Microwave Towers, Analysis/Simulation and design of Transmission Line/ Microwave Towers Including Guyed type Towers.

Mr Ramesh Babu Gajjala

Mr Ramesh Babu Gajjala Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22544828
  • gramesh(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Prasad Rao N

Dr Prasad Rao N Senior Principal Scientist

  • 2255590
  • nprao(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Srinivas V

Dr Srinivas V Senior Principal Scientist & Head

  • 22549237
  • srinivas(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Analysis, design and performance evaluation of bridges, Structural Health Monitoring, Maintenance and Management, Vibration testing and damage identification techniques

Dr Bhaskar S

Dr Bhaskar S Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22549167
  • bhaskar(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Reinforced concrete (RC) durability and service life enhancement of RC structures; Condition assessment of RC structures using NDT and advanced NDT

Dr Anandavalli N

Dr Anandavalli N Director

  • 22549197
  • anandi(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural dynamics, Shock resistant structures, Computational methods, Multi-scale modelling.

Dr Anoop M.B

Dr Anoop M.B Senior Principal Scientist & Head

  • 22549190
  • anoop(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Reinforced Concrete; Uncertainty Handling for Decision Making.

Dr Maheswaran S

Dr Maheswaran S Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22549195
  • smahes(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Rajendra Pitambar Rokade

Dr Rajendra Pitambar Rokade Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22545588
  • rokade(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Ms Sreekala R

Ms Sreekala R Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22549222
  • kala(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural Dynamics/ Earthquake Engg.

Dr Kamatchi P

Dr Kamatchi P Senior Principal Scientist & Head

  • 22549216
  • kamat(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Ramachandra Murthy A

Dr Ramachandra Murthy A Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22549209
  • murthyarc(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Computational Structural mechanics, Structural dynamics, masonry, Finite element analysis, Bio-concrete, Reinforced cement concrete, Advanced Cementitious materials

Dr Ing. Saptarshi Sasmal

Dr Ing. Saptarshi Sasmal Senior Principal Scientist & Head

  • 22549210
  • saptarshi(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Analysis and design of special structures including bridges, Health motioning and assessment of structures, Performance evaluation and strengthening of deficient structures, Computational mechanics of materials and structures, Performance based design of materials

Mr Ramesh Kumar R

Mr Ramesh Kumar R Senior Principal Scientist

  • 22549243
  • rrkumar(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Abraham A

Dr Abraham A Principal Scientist

  • 22544841
  • abraham(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise 

Wind Engineering, Full-Scale Field Measurements.

Mr Srinivasan V

Mr Srinivasan V Principal Scientist

  • 22549155
  • vsrini(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Kumarasekar C

Mr Kumarasekar C Principal Scientist

  • 22545555
  • kumarsekar(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise 

Testing of Steel Structures, Steel Transmission and communication tower and tower like Structures, Operation and maintenance of Closed Loop Real Time Multi Channel Control system and Load Sensors

Dr Manisekar R

Dr Manisekar R Principal Scientist

  • 22549173
  • mani(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Sivasubramanian K

Dr Sivasubramanian K Principal Scientist

  • 22544725
  • ksiva(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Amar Prakash

Dr Amar Prakash Principal Scientist & Head

  • 22549179
  • amar(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise 

Structural Engineering, High velocity impact simulations, Seismic design and retrofitting of RCC structures, Steel-concrete composite structures, Analysis and design of underground structures subjected to blast loading and other blast resistant structures, Design of RCC and steel structures, Advanced computational method- Meshless methods; Cementitious/fiber composite structures.

Dr Marimuthu V

Dr Marimuthu V Principal Scientist

  • 22549143
  • marivel(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Balagopal R

Dr Balagopal R Principal Scientist

  • 22545573
  • bala(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Ambily P.S

Dr Ambily P.S Principal Scientist & Head

  • 22549153
  • ambilyps(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Sustainable materials and Concrete composites; Geopolymer concrete, self-compacting concrete, lightweight concrete, ultra high performance  concrete, Concrete durability

Dr. Smitha Gopinath

Dr. Smitha Gopinath Principal Scientist

  • 22549193
  • smithag(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Textile Reinforced Concrete, Computational Modeling of Concrete Composites, Repair Retrofitting of Structures.

Dr Vishnuvardhan S

Dr Vishnuvardhan S Principal Scientist

  • 22544790
  • svvardhan(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Prabha P

Dr Prabha P Principal Scientist

  • 22549142
  • prabha(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Experimental, numerical and analytical investigatins on the field of steel and steel-concrete composite structures.

Dr Cinitha A

Dr Cinitha A Principal Scientist

  • 22549141
  • cinitha(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Advanced Analysis and design of  steel structures,Seismic Performance, Evaluation of Structures, Behaviour of Structural components under elevated temperature and corrosion effect

Dr Hemalatha T

Dr Hemalatha T Principal Scientist

  • 22549241
  • hemalatha(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Micro structural characterization of concrete, Fracture and fatigue of concrete, Micromechanical analysis of concrete

Dr Balasubramanian S.R

Dr Balasubramanian S.R Senior Scientist

  • 22549226
  • srbala(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Ms Chitra Ganapathi

Ms Chitra Ganapathi Senior Scientist

  • 22544838
  • chitrag(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Wind Engineering, Bluff body Aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Dr Venkata Rama Rao G

Dr Venkata Rama Rao G Principal Scientist

  • 22549227
  • ramarao(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Earthquake Engineering

Dr Lakshmikandhan K.N

Dr Lakshmikandhan K.N Senior Scientist

  • 22549175
  • kandhan(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr. Saravanan M

Dr. Saravanan M Principal Scientist

  • 22549139
  • sardirajm(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Saravana Kumar K

Mr Saravana Kumar K Senior Scientist

  • 22549178
  • saravana(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Rameshkumar V

Mr Rameshkumar V Senior Scientist

  • 22549206
  • ramesh(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Farvaze Ahmed A.K

Mr Farvaze Ahmed A.K Principal Scientist

  • 22549245
  • farvaze(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural Health Monitoring & Evaluation, Sustainable materials & Design of Structures and Retrofitting/ Rehabilitation of Structures.

Dr Arun Sundaram B

Dr Arun Sundaram B Principal Scientist

  • 22549249
  • arunsundaram(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise 

Structural Health Monitoring / Wireless Sensor Networks / Pipelines/Optical Sensors/Performance Evaluation of Bridges.

Dr Saravanan M

Dr Saravanan M Senior Scientist

  • 22544750
  • saravanan(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise 

Experimental, numerical and analytical investigations on the field of steel and steel-concrete composite structures, Seismic resistant design, Non-destructive testing & Evaluation.

Dr Sundar Kumar S

Dr Sundar Kumar S Principal Scientist

  • 22549156/ 4848
  • ssk(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Concrete Technology, Geopolymers, NDT of Concrete Structures, Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Concrete Structures, Optimization

Dr Lakshmi K

Dr Lakshmi K Principal Scientist

  • 22545721
  • lakshmik(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural health monitoring (SHM), Structural Dynamics, Computational mechanics, Evolutionary computing for solving inverse problems in SHM, Optimization techniques for Layup sequence design of laminate composites, Data Analysis, Condition assessment of RCC and steel bridges

Mr Vimal Mohan

Mr Vimal Mohan Senior Scientist

  • 22549248
  • vm(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise:

Structural Health Monitoring, Non-destructive testing & Evaluation, Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures, Monitoring and prevention of corrosion in concrete structures, Design of Steel Structures (hot-rolled, cold-formed)

Dr. Kanchana Devi A

Dr. Kanchana Devi A Principal Scientist

  • 22549177
  • kanchana(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Seismic Upgradation/ retrofitting of deficient beam-column sub-assemblage, Performance evaluation of corrosion damaged beam-column sub-assemblages, Composite bridge girders with corrugated web, Concrete composite slabs, Numerical modelling and analysis of structures, Design of reinforced concrete structures and bridges, Condition assessment of RC structures

Dr Keerthana M

Dr Keerthana M Senior Scientist

  • 22549163/ 9166
  • Keerthana(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Mohit Verma

Dr Mohit Verma Senior Scientist

  • 22545727
  • mohitverma(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural dynamics (Hybrid simulation), Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM), Low-velocity impact

Dr. Bharathi Priya C

Dr. Bharathi Priya C Principal Scientist

  • 22549223
  • bharathipriya(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Semi-active Seismic Vibration Control, Real-time vibration control testing, Smart Materials and Structures, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Electromechanical Impedance based Structural Health Monitoring, Vibration based Condition Assessment of Structures

Mr Ramesh G

Mr Ramesh G Principal Scientist

  • 22549152
  • grm(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Bhashya Vankudothu

Mr Bhashya Vankudothu Senior Scientist

  • 22549151
  • bhashya(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Sustainable Materials and Composites & Retrofitting/ Rehabilitation of Structures

Dr. Sindu B.S

Dr. Sindu B.S Principal Scientist

  • 22545719
  • sindu(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Mechanics of materials at different length scales - Molecular dynamics simulations, Multiscale modelling of engineered cementitious composites, Fracture of cementitious composites.

Dr Surendran M

Dr Surendran M Senior Scientist

  • 22544754
  • surendran(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Computational modelling of damage and fracture, Fatigue and fracture characterization tests, Fatigue and static design of steel structures

Dr Prabhat Ranjan Prem

Dr Prabhat Ranjan Prem Principal Scientist

  • 22544835
  • prabhat(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Vijaya Bhaskara G S

Mr Vijaya Bhaskara G S Senior Scientist

  • 22545745
  • vbhaskara(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Dr Prawin J

Dr Prawin J Senior Scientist

  • 22549183
  • prawinj(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural Health Monitoring

Dr. Thirumalaiselvi A

Dr. Thirumalaiselvi A Senior Scientist

  • 22545725
  • selvi(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areasof Expertise

Mechanics of materials - Mesoscale properties of concrete, Computational simulation of non-linear behaviour of materials

Mr Abhishek Kumar

Mr Abhishek Kumar Scientist

  • 22544807
  • abhishek(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Kannusamy M

Mr Kannusamy M Scientist

  • 22545726
  • kannusamy(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural health monitoring, Damage detection in thin walled structures using Guided wave propagation technique

Mr  Ashokkumar E

Mr Ashokkumar E Scientist

  • 22544765
  • ashok(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Concrete Technology, Non-Destructive Testing, Sustainable Materials, Structural health monitoring,

Mr Subhajit Das

Mr Subhajit Das Scientist

  • 22545728
  • subhajitdas(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural health monitoring, Artificial Intelligence and Optimization Techniques, Structural Dynamics.

Mr Jonnalagadda Chintaiah Sunil

Mr Jonnalagadda Chintaiah Sunil Scientist

  • 22544837
  • jcsunil(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural Dynamics, Performance Based Earthquake Engineering, Seismic Risk Assessment

Mr Nartu Manoj Kumar

Mr Nartu Manoj Kumar Scientist

  • 22544751
  • manoj(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Structural Dynamics, Blast and Impact, Performance Based Design

Dr. Subbulakshmi A

Dr. Subbulakshmi A Scientist

  • 22545717
  • slakshmi(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Hydrodynamic response of floating structures, Coupled aero-hydrodynamic response of offshore wind turbines, Damping characteristics of floating structures with heave plates

Dr. Venkatesan J

Dr. Venkatesan J Scientist

  • 22549112
  • jsvenkat(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Impact mechanics, Constitutive modelling of materials at high strain rate, Ballistic experiments and simulations.

Ms Ramya N

Ms Ramya N Scientist

  • 22549166
  • ramya(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Hydrodynamics of Offshore Structures, Damping characteristics of Floating Offshore Structures, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr. K. Senthil Kumar

Dr. K. Senthil Kumar Scientist

  • 22544822
  • ksenthil(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), 3D printing, Eco-friendly construction materials, Cement, Aggregate and Concrete technology

Mr. Nitin Khandelwal

Mr. Nitin Khandelwal Scientist

  • 22549135
  • nitin(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Areas of Expertise

Fracture and Fatigue, Vibration and Modal Analysis, Finite Element Analysis

Dr. Srinivasa Babu Ramisetti

Dr. Srinivasa Babu Ramisetti Principal Scientist

  • 22545733
  • ramisetti(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Ms Ishwarya G

Ms Ishwarya G Scientist

  • gishwarya(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in



Mr Deepak Kumar

Mr Deepak Kumar Scientist

  • deepaksh(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Ms Renuka Darshyamkar

Ms Renuka Darshyamkar Scientist

  • drenuka(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Allamraju Manikantha Sarath

Mr Allamraju Manikantha Sarath Scientist

  • 22549199
  • sarath(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Mr Vinoth Krishnan S

Mr Vinoth Krishnan S Scientist

  • vinothkrishnans(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
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Ms Nasima G

Ms Nasima G Scientist

  • gnasima(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Prakashvel J

Mr Prakashvel J Sr.Technical Officer(3)

  • 91-44-22549220
  • jprakash(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Harish Kumaran S

Mr Harish Kumaran S Sr.Technical Officer(2)

  • 91-44-22549219
  • sharish(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Vasudevan P

Mr Vasudevan P Sr.Technical Officer(1)

  • 91-44-22549219
  • pvasu(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Lakshmikanth G

Mr Lakshmikanth G Technical Officer

  • lakshmikanth(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Rajesh R

Mr Rajesh R Technician(2)

  • rrajesh(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Bala Murugan S

Mr Bala Murugan S Technician(2)

  • sbmurugan(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Jeyapaul M

Mr Jeyapaul M Sr.Technical Officer(3)

  • mjpaul(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Kumarappan M

Mr Kumarappan M Principal Technical Officer

  • mkappan(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Deivaraj D

Mr Deivaraj D Sr. Technician(3)

  • +91-44-22549247
  • Deivaraj(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Karunamoorthi M

Mr Karunamoorthi M Technician (2)

  • +91-44-22549247
  • mkaruna(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Ms Annaselvi M

Ms Annaselvi M Sr.Technical Officer(3)

  • maselvi(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Ms Chitra Sankaran

Ms Chitra Sankaran Sr.Technical Officer(3)

  • chitras(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Syed Ibrahim N

Mr Syed Ibrahim N Technician (2)

  • syed(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Ms Kanmani E

Ms Kanmani E Sr.Technical Officer(1)

  • kanmani(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Sriraman R

Mr Sriraman R Sr. Technician(3)

  • sriraman(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Elumalai K

Mr Elumalai K Sr. Technician(2)

  • kelumalai(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Ravi Sankar R

Mr Ravi Sankar R Security Assistant

  • ravisanker(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Dr. Sasikala K

Dr. Sasikala K Principal Technical Officer

  • +91-44-22544829
  • sasikala(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Sankaranarayanan K

Mr Sankaranarayanan K Sr. Technical Officer(3)

  • +91-44-22544833
  • ksanker(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Muthalagan V.

Mr Muthalagan V. Sr. Technical Officer(2)

  • muthalaganv(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Baskaran N

Mr Baskaran N Senior Technician (1)

  • bhaskaran(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Ms. Savitha K

Ms. Savitha K Technician (2)

  • ksavitha(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Muthuramalingam G

Mr Muthuramalingam G Principal Technical Officer

  • +91-44-22544789
  • gmlingam(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Kannan A

Mr Kannan A Sr. Technician(3)

  • akannanat)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Muraleeswaran S

Mr Muraleeswaran S Sr.Technical Officer (2)

  • +91-44-22544834
  • smurali(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Srinivasan K

Mr Srinivasan K Technician(2)

  • ksrini(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Ponnan G

Mr Ponnan G Sr. Technician(3)

  • ssb(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Ms Venkateswari K

Ms Venkateswari K Private Secretary

  • kveswari(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Kanniah Sah S

Mr Kanniah Sah S Sr.Technical Officer(3)

  • skash(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Shaik Sadhiq

Mr Shaik Sadhiq Technical Assistant

  • sadhiq(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Elamaran M

Mr Elamaran M Technical Assistant

  • elamaran(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Krishnan  V

Mr Krishnan V Senior Technician(2)

  • vkrishnan(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr. Vinothkumar M

Mr. Vinothkumar M Sr.Technical Officer(1)

  • 91-44-22549168
  • mvinoth(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Subbash P

Mr Subbash P Sr. Technical Officer(1)

  • subbash(at)serc(dot)res(dot)in
Mr Sai Sudheer Amba

Mr Sai Sudheer Amba Senior Secretariat Assistant (S&P)